Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking feminine in long skirts

Today’s women most likely are forward and active. Active lifestyle requires women to dress-up ‘quicker’ and ‘easier’. Being a muslimah does not make things easier. While balancing their roles as mother, wife and daughter, today’s women are also leaders in their organizations. Working together with men makes it more the less ‘manly’ for women these days.

Dressings up for work or leisure are getting simplified each day. Everywhere, designers are making clothing more simplified for their customers. Women executive are more comfortable wearing trousers and pants to work or for casual hours. It is easier and practical for them to run about in all their roles. Skirts are modest wear but slowly creeping into the non-practical corner in many women’s closet nowadays.

CG believes that as muslimah, women are blessed with the act to be modest. Wearing a long skirt can definitely make a hijabi woman look elegant and modest. Back in the early days of western fashion, women across the world wear gowns. Gowns are made flowing down women’s sexy hidden legs and were made to flow. The beauty in flowing skirts is that it brings elegant and exquisite traits of a woman. Even today’s abaya are incorporating such design element by their designers.

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