Thursday, May 6, 2010

When is the right time to start being a Money Wise Teen?

I woke up this morning with a structured mind. To my surprise, I was actually reciting what I must write as clearly as I’m typing it now…. Wow! So, I must not delay what I have in mind with my interested audiences…

My article this time shall speaks about what many of us have asked,

“When is the right time to start being a Money Wise Teen?”

Is there actually a right time to do so? Of course! There is always the right time for everything. Only, it differs from one individual to another. Do you know that any of the successful people in the world, thinks alike? Do you know what are they most in common with? How many of them have said, “I wish I could have started sooner….” Have you been one of those who heard them saying that?

Well, if you are a teenager, reading what I’m about to say here – then you must not stop just at this word. Keep reading my thoughts… because you do not want to miss this awakening experience. Oh no! It is not rocket science though. It is just simple knowledge that many successful people have explored, used and turn them into habits. I shall share with you in series of Money Wise Teen articles from today onwards…

Today, let’s just browse through the most intriguing question for centuries - “When is the right time to start being a Money Wise Teen?” Well, it is not a secret that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Neither would tell you that they agree with that statement. Why? Why would you want to agree to an outsider that, “Yes, I always ensure that I am more successful than my father/ mother.” Why the poor would want to agree with us that, “Yes, my life is hard and tough since my parents are poor.” Wait a minute… do not wear your successful hat yet when you are exploring those two facts. Put yourself in their shoes at the age between 11 to 21 years old. The days when we are just a teenager – if you’re parents reading this. It’s a lot simpler if you are a teenager. You should be able to connect easily by now.

My point is this; all of us wish to make a difference in our lives. But when is the right time? Is there a right age where someone or an institution could possibly tap into our conscience and tell us that this is the formula? Should it be as early as 7 years old or there is never a right time? My answer is still there is always the right time to be Money Teen Wise. Everyone takes different time in developing their money senses. The faster they learn the tricks and mature, the more time they have in their life to tweak what’s needed to be successful.

Why is that? Simply because, you could be successful for a few years and then be unsuccessful the other years and it could loop or it could remain stagnant for a period of time. Getting wiser at your mechanics of wealth is not an easy business.

However, we are not going to share with you the detail mechanics of money making. Let’s leave that to the financial experts. I’m going to share with you how you could get started. Let’s get started! No matter what age you’re at. How fast you learn depends on your commitment to change what is within your control and means as teenager.

Are you aware that your parents were once a teenager themselves? They were just like you at your age. Not exactly the same but they were. They were faced with their challenges in their time. It might not seen as complex as yours but neither you nor them could say that it wasn’t. This is because you weren’t in their time. Even though they were there, but many adult forgot they were there. That was not intentional. Too many things happen and our mind work wonders in skipping through things.

Do you know why you go to school every day? Do you know why you must study? Do you know why your parents or loved ones put pressure on you about your study? Do you have any idea why they insist? I bet most of you would answer, “Because they want me to be somebody.” Or “Because otherwise I’m going to live a hard life.” Or “Because they want me too.” Or “Because my other siblings have done well in their lives.” Or “Because my parents are successful.” Any other answers would be right too but it is not why YOU must study. You see, most people with these kinds of answers are pushing their underlying reasoning to their surrounding adult. It is not YOUR answer. YOU MUST know why because it matters. Whatever your reason, it must be yours. An answer that you could defend when things get tough. Life is tough.

Teenager cannot think like adult as much as most adult cannot think like you. That is a fact! Teenagers lack of experience from adult. But among teenagers, they have different experience level. Some may exceeds others in term of similar experiences. That will make of who they are. As teenager grows day by day, our minds need ‘variety of food’. Those ‘food’ will make out who we are. Don’t believe me? Well, how many of you are currently pursuing your study at a higher learning institution? Quite a number of you, right? Look at your surroundings. This is a place of exploration. Don’t be selfish and self-absorbed. Look around you. What do you see within the community? Groups of people, sub groups and many other things. Let’s focus on the students – a group of people within the community. The most interesting to watch would be the ‘freshies’. Watch what they choose to eat at the canteen or cafeteria. Look at how they choose their food. Different freshies would choose different group of food. Of course they choose based on what they like most but still do you realize many of us would only choose the food we like at our level of affordability? Do you realize that some of the students weren’t even comfortable being in the cafeteria? It takes time to adapt. It takes time for them to be a part of the major group within a set of community. Do you realized that even as they grow older, some of them as seniors, they never adapt. And this is no different when you step into the working environment. Some adapt, some adapt faster than others and, some never does.

The first ingredient in becoming a money wise teen is ADAPTABILITY. You must empower this particular skill. The skill to adapt before anything else. The sooner you adapt to your environment the better because you have to be open to possibility that life has yet to bring. Allow yourself to adapt. They are barriers and challenges to adaptability. In adapting you are actually taking chances being different from your main support group. Who are your support group?

Support group in a teenage life can be grouped into two; (I) your family members and (II) influential figures within your life. Your family members are your main support group. Seldom can you be without their control. The secondary support groups are those who can bring influence into your life but you have control over it. Among others are you friends, teachers, your idols and of course, me. Playing along is a way of getting pass the adaptability phase. Just play a long and many people labeled it as being hypocrite or doubled faces. But it is a skill that a successful person must acquire. I’m going to pen-off here… for now, till I pour some more thoughts into this next time.

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