Thursday, June 24, 2010

| CG Is At Work | - Magical SMH Isadora

Ms Kay is currently at work.. so what am I doing today?

I was shocked that Jakel and Gulati's weren't of similar ownership. Daaa... I didn't know. Really. I was dumb founded when i learnt that a few weeks ago. 

Previously, I bought many of my raw material for Simply Me Hijab exclusively from Jakel.. (my fav is Jakel jln Bunus) Only recently, I bought it from Gulatis. 

It is all in the secret of bargaining..  Thank you for a very good offer.. I'm definately coming back for more!

Recent development...
My husband was shocked that all my pieces (in-making) are booked and sold. He was shocked that before I could upload my collection - Simply Me Hijab [SMH] is officially sold-out! (Too bad dear...)

I'm about to cut my latest pattern of SMH - Isadora... I just finished designing them.. Isadora comes in bright vibrant colors.. basic color but bright. Dedicated in plain chiffon silk. I designed Isadora with princess and simplicity in mind. Yet the embellishment chosen for Isadora is of high quality... mixture of swarovski crystal beads and Japanese high quality beads. Some of the materials are such as follows:

| swarovski crystal chart |

| cute bedazzled beads |

| japanese beads |

| high quality rayon embroidery thread |

| plain chiffon silk |

some of the color SMH Isadora carries are as depicted below
Isadora is designed and stitched to a polyester chiffon underneath to conceal and to reflects modesty.

Ms Kay completes the scarves aka hijab with a rolled end stitch. 

Neat and Simple. 

Just nice to be accompanied by the 'right' rhinestones.

 | well, designing is not that bad |


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