Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Die-hard Hobby is Back for real!

Once upon a time, I was beginning to like my 'weird' interest in collecting vintage European items.. especially the Faberge egg and the princesses' collectible glass slippers.

"Today, Faberge eggs are priceless masterpieces but their history began in 1885 with Tsar Alexander III, who commissioned Peter Carl Faberge to make an egg for his wife."
The Blue Serpent, 1895

The Twelve Monogram

But lately, my undying passion creeping back slowly energetically - insisting me to look into my 'love for antiques' once again. I wouldn't call it antique actually - because that would mean I'm going to spend a lot of money on buying stuff to be shelved.

Where is the meaning and pleasure of having something with usage than? Hmm.. probably, I'm really getting old..

Collecting Faberge and Glass Slippers is not feasible looking at my 'slowness' in travelling these days. So, I've declared that I'm gonna fulfill my passion in Victorian Pottery, China and Arts to my fullest potential. Hence all my design for Simply Me Hijab does come in variety of colors within the era... very subtle and vintage as well.

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