Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Tidy and How Interesting

Lately, since I'm getting older, I found many of my gurly friends have ventured into English home deorating frenzy. It is really fascinating.. even a friend of mine has opened a Home Deco Shop in Pahang (she is 'Datin' Ku Asmah - she has fine collection for those in love with English home decoration! Do visit her okay!)

Anyway, I've been studying harder about the concept and getting involved with the terminology and the business of English art and decor. Of course my passion in entirely on to the VICTORIAN Era. However, this might help somehow in my learning.. So, what have I learned today?

I found out that, I can keep my collectibles in fascinating tidy order... away with clutter! These pictures are credits to their respective owners.. Owners who have invested their time to sharing and educating people who are beginner like me understand the art of English Decor....

NEAT and in rhythm..... red transfer wares i presume?

really neat... tureen or transfer wares? which one?

I'm mad for cups and saucers and side plates... interesting!

This one in particular is something I've seen commonly in many houses I've visited in KL... (friends.. forgive me but I kinda think of it as common but not yet there?)

I saw something like this at SSF Sg Buloh a few months back.. hmmm... interesting too

Dedicated for optimization of space - corner shelve.. I like this! Fabulous order :)

order.. order... but yet behind closed door.. your beauty need to be disclosed!

How's that? Nice?

Looks like this one need another new closet?

Neat but.. could it have been better?

nice and neat.. no beauty can be denied such evidence...

Well, i have plenty more.. but I'm gonna pen-off here because I got to start cutting my hijab design pola now.. I got over 40 new pieces to cut and sew :)

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